Darter’s Corner – The Dart Rookie, “A View From the One”

Not bad for a rookie!

Today’s “Darter’s Corner” written by DC darter Jeff Meade. Photos courtesy of Jeff Meade.

I just wrapped up my rookie season as a darter. In fact, I’m still not sure what we call ourselves. Darter. Shooter. Tosser. Something like that. Even though I still have to ask if I double-in and out on 301, or is it 401, I’m at least hitting my targets. Occasionally.

I’m Jeff Meade, a member of the Rocket Bar’s Cosmonauts team. I started this last season after having been begged for two years by a close friend, Thomas Meade (no relation). Tommy shoots for the Channel Surfers, and he’s been really into WADA for a long time. He could never make my weekly dinner parties I throw for my friends because I hosted them on Tuesdays to coincide with Biggest Loser. We got tired of missing Tom, since he’s out at some bar on Tuesday night trying to score Bulls. Forget scoring chicks, he’s looking for triples!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started. I’ve always enjoyed games, so I was looking for a good time. I was a bit trepidatious though because I made the awful mistake of
joining another sporting league that seemed to not care about what
they’re doing. The folks I’ve met in the last few months are really pretty cool too. Especially my fellow Cosmonauts. Jason and Sarah have been teaching me how to throw and some basic skills and I’m totally impressed with Rich’s accuracy. And who doesn’t love spending a few hours with the feisty Collette? Funny thing though, Kirsten is our team and I still haven’t met her! We joke that she’s like our Wizard of Oz, some misty head behind a curtain. I must say, my math skills have improved too!

I’m getting the hang of this though so ya’ll better look out. I’ve progressed from aiming for the One when trying to hit either Twenty’s or Eighteens, and actually hit the One now! Once I figure out how to stop hitting the One, I’ll be a legend. Until that time, Shoot well, because I’m coming!!

Keep up with Jeff’s WADA expereince by following him here.

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