WADA Weekly – January 29, 2012

Good morning, dart world.

We hope and trust that everyone is keeping warm this winter and enjoying another great dart season with WADA.

Here is the Weekly for the second week of the Winter 2012 season.

Rosters and shooter’s fees are due this Saturday 2/4 and the 10% off discount for Sponsors is good until next Saturday 2/11. You can use Paypal or pay by echeck from your checking account (no fee). See http://wadadarts.org/RosterPayPal.asp for details.

Singles League standings are including in this Weekly on page three. If you’d like to get about 50 dart games in you can pay $40 and join the Singles league. We have three more events and you’ll get plenty of great games in on three February Saturday afternoons at Mighty Mikes. The money collected from entry fees and sponsor matches will all go to sending our shooters to the ADO Regional, which is also to be held at Mighty Mikes. Please join us!

Also, the Lucks that were listed in last week’s weekly weren’t exactly up to date so they have been listed again.

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