About WADA

The Washington Area Darts Association is the oldest and largest in the Washington metropolitan area. Incorporated in 1969, the league has grown to over 16,000 members in the last 40 years, and averages over 65 teams a season throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia. WADA was founded with the belief that darts is both a competitive and fun sport.

To keep that idea alive, the Washington Area Darts Association is a non-profit organization which returns shooters fees to the members in the form of conference championships, plaques and awards for the division winners, ADO membership, a weekly publication of team standings and individual highlights (the WADA Weekly), events such as the annual picnic, tournaments  and this web site.

League nights are Monday through Wednesday. Teams are comprised of four to eight people, male and/or female, who want to shoot together. All matches start at 8 p.m. and most are done by 11 p.m. We have A, B and C division teams so there’s room for anyone at any level.

If you’re interested in shooting darts, having a good time, making some more friends and you live in the D.C. Metropolitan area, please give WADA a call at (888) 353-3710 or email our Executive Director at director@wadadarts.org



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